Site Requirements

WIC is not responsible for any hardware or software problems resulting from the installation of third party tools, including Web browsers, plug-ins, or other suggested downloads.

VWIX On-Line Browser Requirements

To make the most of your visit, make sure you are using one of the browsers shown below. You'll find information on recommended and minimum requirement browsers.

PC's Using Internet Explorer

  Recommended - Internet Explorer 6.0, Service Pack 1
  Minimum Requirement - Internet Explorer 6.0

PCs Using Netscape Navigator

  Recommended - Netscape 7.0
  Minimum Requirement - Netscape 6.0

PCs Using Mozilla Firefox

  Recommended - Firefox 2.0
  Minimum Requirement - Firefox 1.5

PCs Using Mozilla Firefox

  Recommended & Minimum Requirement - Safari 1.0
  Not Supported - Safari Beta