Helpful Sign in Tips

User ID
           Enter the User ID provided by WIC.
           If you're sure you've entered your information correctly but the program doesn't recognize you, Contact WIC or call 1-800-224-7472.
           Your password must be 6 to 12 characters in length.
           It must not contain your user id, contract name or parts of the contract name that exceed two consecutive characters.
           Although you can change your password at anytime, your password cannot be reused.
           The password is case sensitive, so please be careful when using the Shift or Shift Lock keys.
           Although not required you may use characters from all four categories:
               English upper case characters (A through Z)
               English lower case characters (a through z)
               Numeric digits (0 through 9)
               Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)
Signing Out
           It's always best to sign out once you're done with your online WIC business. For additional safety, you can also close your browser at the end of each session, especially if you are sharing a computer with others.
           You'll find a Sign Out link on the top of our Web page.
           If you do forget to Sign Out, don't worry. Online VWIX includes a feature that will automatically log you out if there is no activity for 76 minutes. We call this "timed out" and it's part of our safety measures that protect your information.